Demo '13

by No Peace

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Recorded, mixed/mastered at Iceman Studios in Palm Beach, FL.


released December 24, 2013



all rights reserved


No Peace Florida

4 dudes looking to play fast and have fun.

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Track Name: Ethics
All I want is what I can't have
Lust over the better half
So I clench my teeth 'til my gums bleed
And I ball my fist and try to fight the world
The little I have, it means the world to me
More than the shit that was handed to you
Track Name: Waste
Get my mind right
I'm losing time
It always seems like nothing's right
In this world surrounded by shame
It seems so hard to stay away
No fucking hope
Not much of a future
My mind is killing me
Time is ripping me in half
I'm having a hard time
Finding anything worth living for
I can't find anything worth living for
Can you explain to me what this pain is for
Another paycheck spent on this wasted hope
Track Name: Brain Drain (Feat. Chip of Ironside)
This is the sound of my contempt
Another song to bang your head
If you're anything just like me
You'd appreciate some fucking honesty
Spewing poison to the youth
That's why they have no faith in you
Carve my name into your chest
Shield your pride and fuck the rest
Every Movement underlined
Start over , protect your neck
This is my time to have a voice
Peace of mind was never a choice
Struggle's real, times are hard
This is what keeps me from falling apart
Track Name: Church Burner
Pack it in, pack it in
The service is about to begin
This is the life you need to lead
Or so I'm told
Wars and genocide in the name of a joke
Another way to line your pockets
And spread the hurt
Keep the dream alive and slaughter the earth
Faith without works is dead
And you my friend are close the edge
Church burner, feel the heat
Church burner, end the disease
Track Name: Greed (Feat. Billy Hart of Old Habits)
All I know is that this world's evil
You got to look out for yourself
And no one else
'Cause they'll take you for all you're worth
A lesson taught to me
Stand on your own two feet
Never let another man own you
Stay free, stay free
Greed has ruined me
Greed, Greed, Greed
Money can't make you happy
What are you willing to lose
To gain it all
Greed has ruined me
Greed money can't make you happy